北京大学城市规划与设计学院招聘教师 Multiple Faculty Positions at School of Urban Planning and Design , Peking University (Shenzhen)

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The School of Urban Planning and Design (SUPD) at Peking University (PKU) seeks to hire several faculty members at multiple levels and in diverse disciplines. Established in 2009, SUPD aspires to contribute its unique efforts to urbanization and sustainable development. It dedicates to becoming China’s best school of urban-rural studies and planning, and aims to educate young talents with global perspectives, innovative ideas, and domestic experiences, and develop the best research and practice by combining international perspectives and local needs.

SUPD offers three master programs (post-graduate degree)—Geography (Urban and Regional Planning), Architecture (Architecture Design and Theory), and Geography (Landscape Architecture)—and also offers three PhD programs--Human Geography, Physical Geography, and Ecology. In the school, there are over 300 graduate students and a top academic and professional team including 45 faculty members and research associates (15 of them are working in PKU Shenzhen).

SUPD has already established several important research and teaching labs, and may open more in the future. As of now, there are three key labs in the school. They are the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Circular Economy, Land Development and Planning Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Land and Resources (Shenzhen Laboratory), and Key Laboratory of Urban Habitant Environment Science and Technology.

SUPD is hiring faculty and researchers globally. These job positions offer exceptional opportunities to explore a large number of important frontiers of urban-rural studies, planning, and design, which link the top rank of research and practices in the world to China.

 Job positions: Professor / Associate Professor/Assistant Professor / Researchers

Applicants’ expertise: human geography, physical geography, ecology, urban/rural planning (city and regional Planning, land use planning or ecological planning and restoration is preferred), and architecture(including urban design)

Successful Applicants’ Basic Condition:(1) Full-time work in Shenzhen for at least 3 years; (2) with excellent communication skills, proficiency in English, rich academic experiences, and excellent ability and morality developing academic disciplines; (3) with profound academic attainments and professional strength, experts in the field for senior faculties or strong potentials for junior faculties; (4) with strong creativity and responsibility, and excellent ability for teamwork; (5) successful accomplishment of teaching, research, and other tasks arranged by the school.

Priority Condition:(1)Priority will be given to applicants with full time research/teaching positions in overseas renowned universities, research institutes, or research departments in renowned enterprises; (2)Opportunities will also be given Ph.D. graduates with outstanding academic performance.

Successful Applicants’ Basic Responsibilities: (1) as the core of academia in the school to undertake key teaching and research tasks; (2) supervise master or doctoral students; (3) organize and participate in academic development and school management.

Benefits: Initial appointment will be made on a contract with a six-year-fixed term. Re-appointment thereafter is subject to mutual agreement. Rank and salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. The school will also apply relevant national/local Talent Programs offering additional benefits for successful applicants if they meet the requirements.

Benefits to applicants who can succeed in the application for the 1000-Talent Program for Young Talent:

  1. Half million yuan one-off subsidy (award) from the central government, a quarter million yuan housing subsidy from the Guangdong government, one million subsidy from the government of Shenzhen (the Peacock Plan B);
  2. One-to-three million yuan research fund from the central government,  half million yuan research fund from the government of Guangdong, research initiation fund from the university, comfortable office and lab, and first-class research equipment;
  3. Ample salary;
  4. University housing;
  5. The family including the applicant’s spouse and children can join in the plans of social insurance, pension, medical care, and medical insurance.
  6. Five-year free taxation of these portions of salary including housing subsidy, food subsidy, travel expenditure for family reunion, and children’s education expenditure;
  7. The school will assist in the spouse’ job seeking and children’s education planning;
  8. Foreign applicants with his or her spouses and children can apply for permanent residency permits and 2-to-5-year multi-entry visa. 

Application Procedure: Interested applicants should submit (1) cover letter including succinct research and teaching statements, key research achievement, and a teaching and research plan in the school; (2) CV; (3) three writing samples; (4) three referees’ names and contact information; (5) any other evidence of the applicant’s research and teaching abilities; (6) copies of diploma or certificate

 Interested applicants should send their application materials by E-mail to yizhx@pkusz.edu.cn















    1、全职教师,可在深圳全职工作至少六年以上;2、具有优秀的学风品德、教学科研和外语水平,具有丰富的学术实践经验和组织协调学科发展的能力;3、具有深厚的学术造诣和专业功底,为所在领域的著名专家或青年骨干; 4、具有创新精神、团队意识和责任感;5、能圆满完成教学、科研及我院安排的其他工作。






    2、 除中央拨付的100-300万元的青年专项科研经费外,广东省配套资助经费50万元,学校提供一定的科研启动经费以及舒适的办公条件、宽裕的实验环境和一流的实验设备;








    有意者请将以下申请材料电子版发送至:yizhx@pkusz.edu.cn ,初审合格后将电话或邮件通知应聘者来院面试。