北京大学深圳研究生院新材料学院预聘副教授招聘(Faculty positions at School of Advanced Materials)

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副教授 1 名


    负责“材料基因组工程关键技术与支撑平台重点专项”高分辨高通量中子衍射仪的建设管理工作,具体包括:1. 谱仪物理设计和机械设计;2. 谱仪各部件的订购和基建工程实施;3. 谱仪的现场安装、调试和运行。同时开发基于中子衍射仪的清洁能源材料测量和表征技术,尤其是锂电池原位充放电测试平台。指导研究生利用中子散射对新材料进行研究工作,发表在国内外具有较大影响的学术专著和论文,组织争取重大重点科研项目。此外,承担并完成研究生课程规定的教学任务,协助完成对课程和教材的规划、组织与设计。


    1、具有国内外顶尖高校物理、化学、材料专业博士学位,取得博士学位后 3 年以上的海外科研工作经历,年龄在 35 岁及以下;


    3、具有卓越的科研能力以及国内外认可的学术成就,在本领域 TOP 期刊上以第一作者或通讯作者(包括共同第一或通信作者)发表有重大创新性的研究论文。












School of Advanced Materials

The School of Advanced Materials (SAM) is committed to the research of the advanced materials genome technology and clean energy systems. The key areas include clean energy collection(thermoelectric and solar cells), energy storage (powerbatteries), application (new energy vehicles, new organic photoelectric displays and lighting) and the calculation, synthesis and detection of high flux materials etc. to develop the key research of advanced materials genome technology, and further to provide the technical support for the development of new energy materials industry.

SAM considers industrialization as a development goal to carry on the collaborative innovation in the interdisciplinary research. On Oct. 2015, the National Center of Electric Vehicle Power Battery and Materials for International Research was founded at SAM by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. In 2016, we won the first batch of the key project grant for the national Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) program of China: The MGI technique and its application in the research of solid-state batteries. We are also responsible for the national key innovation engineering project of new energy vehicle (power battery), and being especially supported by the innovative entrepreneurial team in Guangdong province.

We have been awarded with the titles, the key laboratory of Shenzhen and the engineering laboratory of Shenzhen, and have obtained special national and local support for the foundation and application of our research.


Tenure-track Associate Professor

Job Description

The school seeks to appoint an tenure-track associate professor to be responsible for the construction and management of the high-resolution-and-high-intensity neutron powder diffractometer for Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) program, including: 1) physical and mechanical designs for the diffractometer. 2) purchase of the parts and construction of the infrastructures. 3) Installing, commissioning and operation of the diffractometer. The selected candidate will also develop the technique for characterization of clean-energy materials based on the diffractometer, in particular the platform for in-situ charge/discharge measurement on lithium-ion batteries. The candidate will mentor the graduate students on studying new materials by neutron scattering, publish high-impact papers and obtain key scientific research funding. In addition, the candidate will complete the required teaching task of the graduate courses and collaborate with faculty in the school on new initiatives of the curriculum and teaching materials.


1. Applicants should have a Ph. D degree (physics, chemistry, and materials) from domestic or foreign top universities, 3-year oversea working experiences on scientific research after graduation and be under the age of 35.

2. Applicants must be well experienced in constructing and managing the time-of-flight neutron powder diffractometers, fully master the technical details of the instrument, know well about the solution for various engineering problems of the diffractometer.

3. Applicants are expected to have excellent research ability and internationally recognized academic achievements, e.g., have published academic research papers with original great innovation in top journals as first-author or correspondence author (including co-first or correspondence authors).

4. Applicants are required to be hard working and demonstrate ability to effectively communicate with students and fellow faculty, collaborate with team members and foster cooperative innovation.

Salary and Welfare

A competitive salary package can be negotiated for the right candidate.

Interested applicants should submit the following materials to XUSL@pkusz.edu.cn

1. Summary of research;

2. Curriculum Vitae (with a complete list of publications);

3. At least three reference letters and contact information of the referees;

4. Statement of research plan;

5. Materials to prove the teaching ability (or the teaching ability will be assessed through academic report after CV screening).

To learn more about the School of Advanced Materials, visit the official website: http://sam.pkusz.edu.cn/